To the editor:

Although the Hillsboro Swimming Pool (Hillsboro Swim Organization, Inc.) did not open for the 2020 season due to COVID-19, this has been a busy year of transition of pool ownership. The merger from the Hillsboro Swimming Pool to the new non-profit 501(c)3 Hillsboro Swim Organization, Inc. (HSO) is almost complete.

Our HSO mission is to provide aquatic education, recreation and charitable opportunities while continuing to serve Hillsboro and surrounding communities. We are actively working on the business plan for 2021, and strategic plan through 2025, with full intentions to open the pool for the 2021 season.

Our HSO Board of Directors include:
President: Mel McKenzie, elected to a three-year term, expiring 2022;
Vice President: Dr. Jeff Beery, elected to a two-year term, expiring 2021;
Secretary: Kathryn Hapner, elected to a three-year term, expiring 2022;
Treasurer: Jeanine Bagshaw, elected to a three-year term, expiring 2022; and
Board Members: Beth Florea, elected to a two-year term, expiring 2021, Chris Lewis, appointed to fill the remainder of a two year term, expiring 2021 and Ashley Marler, elected to a one-year term, expiring 2020.

The board was planning on having the annual Members Meeting on Nov, 10; however, due to the influx of COVID-19 cases, the designation of red for our county and the suggestion to limit large gatherings, we have made the decision not to hold the meeting.

Below please find a synopsis of the topics we had planned to discuss.

Agenda Topics

• Financial update for both the Hillsboro Swimming Pool (HSP) and the HSO.

The HSP shouldered the ongoing pool expenses through September 2020, and the HSO is from October 2020. The pool has ongoing expenses 12 months a year, not just the months we are open in the summer. For the remainder of 2020, our ongoing monthly expenses will average approximately $800, and will increase in 2021 if the NCB loan is not paid off. The Oct. 31, 2020 HSO balance is $6,531, which includes $1,910 of Mortgage Mania monies.

We anticipate approximately $3,500 in legal fees associated with the merger to be paid before year end, which leaves us with $1,121 to meet our monthly expenses. We will continue to create fundraising events to help us stay "afloat."

• NCB loan payoff opportunity: This $100,000 loan was originally taken out on Aug. 29, 2008. The current loan balance is $30,363. (NCB has allowed us to pay escrow only of $150 per month during the merger process vs. the normal $878 payment). We have had a very generous (non-board member) benefactor offer to match 50 cents to every dollar paid to reduce the principal through Dec. 31,2020. This is a huge opportunity to payoff our mortgage. We are currently soliciting donations through our Mortgage Mania Fundraiser or through general donations.

• Fundraising opportunities: Fundraising is integral to our pool's financial success. We have had and will continue to champion many different fundraisers.

* First, on Sept. 26, 2020 we held PUTT for the POOL, a successful golf outing at the Hillsboro Elks. It raised $3,397. We are already excited about next year's event and making it bigger and better.

* Secondly, we have started Mortgage Mania, to aid in retiring the NCB loan. This is a trifold board with pledge envelopes attached. They are in increments of $5 ranging from $5 up to $500. So far we have raised $1,910 in Mortgage Mania donations. All the donations from this will be directly applied to the NCB loan payoff opportunity. We will be actively soliciting donations in November and December via newspaper articles, mailings and taking it on a tour of different places and organizations to spread the word and raise money. As with ALL donations to the newly formed Hillsboro Swim Organization non-profit, monies given are completely tax deductible. This opportunity to pay down our current mortgage is tremendous. When considering your donation please know, your support is vital to the success and continuation of the Hillsboro pool. Your tax deductible donation will have an impact on so many who currently enjoy the pool and those to come.

• Our third event is in the beginning planning stages. In January 2021 we will plan to host a Casino Night with poker and blackjack. (Details to come.)

• 2021 Vision: It is our vision to open for the 2021 year and to continue the safe, family environment that has been the tradition of the Hillsboro community pool for over 60 years. Along with facility improvements, general maintenance, and equipment upgrades, we will be planning numerous family, group(s), and business events. It will be an exciting year.

• 2020/2021 Membership: We appreciate all our 44 voting members that have contributed to our financial burden. While a small group, we are mighty. Your contribution has helped us stay afloat. A membership list is attached.

• Social Media & Web Page: Also, be sure so check us out on Facebook and Instagram and give us a "like" at Hillsboro Swim Organization. Our webpage is, which will continue to evolve.

• Committee Volunteers: We are in search of people who have a passion for our pool who are willing to help on committees, such as: Facilities, Social Media, Fundraising and Membership Drives

• Election for one Board of Director position. This term will run Jan. 1, 2021 to Dec. 31, 2023. The Board has nominated Ashley Marler. Other nominations via write-in candidates are welcome. Ashley is a Hillsboro native who returned to Hillsboro after graduating from Eastern Kentucky University in 2009. Ashley attended the pool as a child and still enjoys taking her family there today. She is registered nurse, and currently works at Adena Regional Medical Center in the Endoscopy department. She served on the HSP Pool board for three years and would love to continue working with the HSO board. She resides locally with her husband, Andrew, and 10-year-old son, Kash. She is passionate about the future of the pool and wants to see where we can go from here.

For more information about the pool, email or call (937) 393-9959 ext. 122

Mel McKenzie
HSO Board of Directors