The following is the Tuesday, March 17 press release from the Highland County Emergency Operations Center.

There’s so much information, from so many sources, on what someone should do if they have symptoms and think they may have the coronavirus.

The partners at the Highland County Health Department, Paint Creek Fire and Highland District Hospital would like you to have the following information.

The COVID-19 virus closely mimics some symptoms of other common ailments such as strep throat and the flu.

Some of the symptoms that might indicate an infection of COVID-19 are a sudden fever, a dry non-productive cough and trouble breathing. Please keep in mind that these symptoms alone do not mean that you have the coronavirus. If you’ve had any interaction with someone who has either tested positive or been quarantined for possible coronavirus infection in the last 14 days should weigh on this decision.

We’ve all had colds and the flu at some points in our lives, some more serious than others. If you start to get sick, first and foremost, stay home, especially if you have a fever. Manage a mild to moderate illness as you always have while self-quarantining yourself until the fever subsides to be on the safe side. This is how we flatten the curve.

If your symptoms worsen and become a problem you no longer think you can manage on your own, contact your family doctor for advice and instructions before proceeding to their office. If you are unable to contact your doctor, proceed to the emergency room in your area or call 911. It is important that you inform any healthcare provider of your symptoms and that you think you may have been exposed to the coronavirus.

We will be releasing information through all our partners as locations and logistics are finalized for the drive-thru coronavirus testing centers in Highland County. As of now, there are limited tests available in the county. The Highland County Health Department does not do testing at their location on North High Street.

It’s important to remember, we’re all in this together. We can face this as a community and win out the other side as long as we’re willing to show everyone some grace and understanding.

Remember, it’s important to cover your cough, wash your hands, maintain your personal space with social distancing and look out for each other.

We’re all in this together … be nice!