Rep. Ralph Norman
Rep. Ralph Norman
From Scott Tillman
U.S. Term Limits

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Term Limits (USTL) applauds U.S. Rep. Ralph Norman, R-South Carolina, for sponsoring the joint resolution in the U.S. House (HJR12).

The proposed constitutional amendment limits members of the House of Representatives to three terms (6 years) and members of the Senate to two terms (12 years).

Original cosponsors in the U.S. House are Representatives Gaetz, Brooks, Massie, Joyce of Pennsylvania, Perry, Bacon, Duncan, Reschenthaler, Budd, Biggs, Zeldin, Gooden of Texas, Steube, Lesko, Schweikert, Davidson, Bishop of North Carolina, Murphy of North Carolina, and Jackson.

According to the latest nationwide poll on term limits conducted by McLaughlin & Associates, conducted in August 2019, term limits enjoys wide bipartisan support.

McLaughlin’s analysis states, Voter support for term limits is unmistakably united breaching all political, geographic and demographic divides. “Eight-in-ten voters, 79%, approve of placing term limits on members of Congress.” The report also concludes that an overwhelming majority of voters, 85%, support four 2-year terms or less.”

To date, U.S. Term Limits has secured pledges from 18 U.S. senators in the 117th Congress. Commitments were also received from 74 U.S. representatives who have pledged to cosponsor the joint resolution in the House.

This proposal is part of a multi-pronged strategy to secure term limits on Congress. Since the Supreme Court decided that term limits may only be imposed through an amendment to the Constitution (U.S. Term Limits v. Thornton in 1995), USTL is working with state legislatures to propose and amendment through a national Term Limits Convention, a power the states have through Article V of the U.S. Constitution.

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