As a registered voter (Republican for 35 years and current Libertarian) and political observer for more than 40 years, there has been one political constant. Liberals (progressives, if you prefer) are never, ever satisfied with a political victory.

They never enjoy a political victory. Instead, they immediately seek out another cause du jour. It's always "one more" with the liberals. Oh, and there's this. Liberals are always upset that somewhere in these great United States of America, someone is enjoying life. That is simply unacceptable for the progressive mindset. Rally the troops for another protest and vandalism orgy.

This week, a suburban Cincinnati school district caved to the whining minority of spoiled children and voted to change the Anderson High School mascot, the "Redskins," during a special meeting on July 2.

According to a report in The Cincinnati Enquirer, board member Patty Taylor had the common sense that God gave a goose and voted against the motion.

Taylor said she would like to postpone the vote, stating she was against the "method" of changing the mascot without public discussion – outside of emails.

"If I disagree, I'm not a racist, and I refuse to accept that," Taylor said. "Everyone has a right not to be offended. But if I do not agree with your narrative, then I'm the problem?"

No, Taylor is not the problem. The problem is the new national narrative of making everything and anything protest material by the largely uninformed and willfully uneducated.

Once Anderson High School – and other schools – acquiesce to the mini-mobsters on one issue, they must be prepared to acquiesce on more issues.

If the mini-mobsters find "Redskins" offensive, they also must find "Indians" offensive. "Cowboys" must be offensive, too. In Ross County, a school nickname is (or was) the Sherman Tanks, referencing William Tecumseh Sherman. Uh-oh.

Then, there are those insensitive Highland County public school animal nicknames like Lions, Tigers, Wildcats and Mustangs.

What if some precious child does not want to identify with a lion, a tiger, a wildcat or a mustang? What then? How about naming all schools donkeys? The left seems to embrace that braying beast of burden known also by a three-letter moniker.

Then, of course, we have those insensitive color nicknames.

The Cincinnati Reds (commies?) comes to mind. The St. Louis Blues (cool musicians?) also comes to mind. What about the Red Sox and White Sox in Major League Baseball? Aren't these potentially racist, pitting white against red? If people are offended by Redskins, wouldn't they be similarly offended by Red Sox?

Giving in to the mini-mobsters has to stop. Soon.

Today I was asked by a public official how long it would be until the Highland County Courthouse statue along High Street was vandalized. I did not have an adequate answer. But I do know this: There were acts of local vandalism during previously scheduled protests in Hillsboro.

When public officials insist that everything is peaceful, that's not always the case. If we, as law-abiding citizens, decide that local law enforcement is no longer necessary, we must live with the consequences. We need to let local law enforcement know they are appreciated. Think, for just a moment, where you might be without them.

And if we allow a rewriting of American history, we'll have to live with that as well.

As we celebrate Independence Day, please remember that those brave and noble 56 signers of our Declaration of Independence gave us a great republic – if we can keep it.

Rory Ryan is publisher and owner of The Highland County Press.